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    Getting Your Nose Pierced WITHOUT Pain

    Have you really wanted to get your nose pierced, but have been afraid of the pain that the piercing needle is going to cause? There is hope for those of us that want a nice shiny nose ring but have a fear of pain. There are a couple ways that you could reduce the pain of getting your nose pierced.

    One option would be to freeze your nose with ice cubes. Make sure to wrap the ice cubes in paper towel before applying it to your nose so you don't damage any nerve endings. You will need to hold the ice cube there for about 3-5 minutes. Each person will be different. Once numb, pierce your nose right away and the pain will certainly be reduced.

    Another option that many choose is buying a local aesthetic called Emla cream. Emla can be bought in stores without a prescription from a doctor in most countries. Many people use this before getting piercings or tattoos if they are scared of the pain. The numbing lasts for about 30-60 minutes (again depending on the person). You will want to put the numbing cream onto the nose about 30-60 minutes before getting your nose pierced. Simply wipe off, disinfect and pierce your nose!

    Of course you should always check with your doctor prior if you have any concerns with numbing any part of your body as there may be risks based on your own individual health conditions.

    Once you've had your nose stud in for approximately 6 weeks you can change your nose stud to any of the nose jewelry options that we offer. If you have a friend or family member you trust to pierce your nose, or if you want to do it yourself... We also carry piercing kits available on our website. If you want to purchase a piercing kit, please follow the link:



    Which Side to Pierce


    You've decided you want a nose stud, and your headed to get your nose pierced... But which side are you going to pierce? Different cultures and areas of the world have different views of this subject, but ultimately it comes down to a personal preference. Your nose stud is going to be gorgeous on either side of your nose, just what looks better. Some people use a nose stud to cover up a blemish, freckle etc on their nose so this might be a deciding factor.

     Nose studs became popular in the Indian culture in the 16th century, and even in India in the 20th century, there still seems to be some debate as to which side you should wear your nose stud. In the north, they seem to prefer the left side of the nose. And in the south prefer to wear their nose stud on the right side. But of course, there are always exceptions!


    If you're not sure, we suggest getting a fake nose ring that is spring loaded so you can adjust the size. Or, a fake magnetic nose stud. Wear this, for a couple of hours on each side and see which you prefer!



    Nose Piercing Kits


    Because we are commited to giving you a variety of options, we have recently introduced a new piercing kit available on www.qualitynosestuds.com. This piercing kit will give you everything you need to get you on the road to wearing all of our gorgeous nose rings and nose studs.

    The nose piercing kit is equipped with a sterile nose piercing needle in either an 18G, or a 20G. We provide you with your piercing nose stud as well, where you can choose the type of material that works best with your skin. We have 3 different material options; titanium, surgical steel, or bioplast. All choices are commonly used for piercing ones nose.

    We also provide you with a piercing cork, latex gloves, and piercing instructions so you know what to do!


    Piercing Your Own Nose


    Piercing your own nose is becoming a more common practice these days. If you just can't wait until the piercing shop opens up in the morning because you want to wear your new nose stud, then this is the article for you.

    Before you start the process of piercing your nose, as always... remember to sterilize the area around you as well as anything that you will be using to pierce your nose. The last thing you want after you put that beauitful nose stud in for the first time, is an infection to follow!

    Take a pen, and in front of a mirror mark the spot where you want your nose stud to be. (Make you sure you wash your face with cleanser before.) Put your latex gloves on, and be sure to rub some alcohol or other disinfectant on the piercing site before beginning.

    Take your needle out of its package, and insert the cork in your nose. The cork is used to make sure that the needle doesn't go through and pierce the other side of the nostril. Take a deep breath, and insert the needle quickly into the skin. Once you feel it hit the cork (it may even stick into the cork) you can pull it out and insert your new nose stud that was provided to you with your piercing kit. Once finished, sterlize the nose again with alcohol or other aftercare product. Now you can enjoy your new nose stud!


    Will Your Piercing Grow Over?


    There may come a time where you may need to take your nose ring out, whether it be temporary, or permanent. After you take out your nose ring, there is a chance your piercing will grow over very quickly. After getting a nose piercing, it usually takes 3 months to heal completely, however some people's peircings never heal. Therefore, it depends on the individual how long it takes the hole to grow over. If you are only needing to take out the nose ring temporarily, or for a few hours...you may be able to push the nose ring back through your piercing. Keep in mind, this may make the area around your nose ring very tender for a few days if you have to force it back through. Make sure the area around your nose ring and also the nose ring itself is very clean before doing this to prevent infection.

    If you don't want to go through the pain of reinserting your nose ring and taking the chance of it growing over, we suggest getting a nose retainer. Our nose retainers come in the form of nose screws, straight nose studs, or nose bones. This allows you to still keep the piercing occupied so it doesn't grow over, but it will allow your nose jewelry to be invisible.

  6. Piercing Guns


    Piercing guns are most commonly used in a retail setting, to perform ear piercings. However, many retail stores are now piercing noses using this method as well. The earring is inserted into the piercing gun, and is used to pierce the desired area. There is no use of needles in this method of piercing. Piercing with a gun can cause trauma to the piercing site as the stud that is used to pierce your skin, is normally dull, and is pierced through with a lot of force, which in turn could shatter surrounding tissue. When using a piercing gun, most piercers will advise that you have to leave the stud in for 6-8 weeks before inserting a quality nose screw. This method is normally not the most fashionable when using it for piercing the nose, as earrings are normally quite a lot larger and you will have to stick with this stud until your nose is fully healed before inserting a nose screw designed for nose piercings. The piercing gun method is known to be a lot more painful when piercing the nose compared to a regular needle as well, because it uses such blunt force. So if you're looking to pierce your nose and have a dainty, fashionable nose stud right away, you will want to opt for another piercing method instead to take advantage of the wide nose jewelry selections available to you.

  7. Dermal Punching


    This is a method used to remove both skin and cartiledge in a circular shape at the site of a piercing. After the dermal punch is performed, the nose ring is inserted. When the cartiledge is removed, it releases pressure from the piercing site, and allows for proper healing. The fistula (internal 'skin tube' that connects the two ends of the piercing.) will shrink over time, but will shrink a lot slower than in other piercing methods. Allowing a longer period of time for removing your nose ring, with a lower chance of having your piercing grow over. This method is more frequently used for ear piercings, but do work great for nose piercings as well. Any type of nose ring can be inserted after a dermal punching. (ex: nose screw, nose pin, nose stud etc.)

  8. Standard Needle Method
    (A method for piercing your nose)

    A method most common in North America. This method uses a hollow medical needle, that does not remove any flesh but rather makes a pathway, for the nose stud to easily be inserted. The needle is pushed through the flesh, and right before it is pulled out, the nose stud is inserted. The needle guage is normally 2 sizes larger than the nose stud itself for any cartiledge piercing to take pressure off the healing piercing.

    The standard needle method is preferred as each needle is individually wrapped, and sterile. Piercing with a needle causes less trauma to the nose compared to alternative ways of piercing as well, as the needle is sharp and is goes through the flesh smoothly.

  9. Indwelling Cannula Method
    (A method for piercing your nose)

    A method most common in Europe and other parts of the globe. This method is similar to the standard needle method most commonly used in North America. It uses a hollow needle as well, but it also contains a cannula. A cannula is a plastic tube, which is also hollow and it is located at the end of the needle. The nose pin is then inserted into the back of the cannula, and the cannula and nose pin are pulled through the nose at the same time. This method protects the piercing from possible irritation from external threading during the intial piercing, and helps to prevent the nose pin from slipping when its inserted.

  10. H20cean Sea Salt Piercing Aftercare Spray


    H20cean Spray is a great product that you can use to ensure you are taking proper care of your nose piercing.  The ingredients of this product are natural to your body.  Ingredients include; purified water, sea salt, lysozyme, & sodium benzoate.  In addition to the natural ingredients, it contains more than 82 essential trace elements and minerals to assist in keeping your skin healthy.

    In order to be able to wear the fashionable nose pins you hoped to wear at the time of your piercing, you need to take great care of the area to avoid infections and any chance of the nose pin being rejected.

    H20cean spray will help to heal your piercing by keeping the area clean, removing discharge, and lymph secretions.  For the best results spray the solution directly onto the nose pin and surrounding area.  When the area is healed, and you are ready to change your nose pin it is also a good idea to spray the nose pin before inserting it into the nostril.  This will help ensure the nose pin is sterile, and also makes it easier to push through.

    H20cean can be found online at www.H20cean.com, or at a local piercing shop.

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