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Getting Your Nose Pierced WITHOUT Pain

Have you really wanted to get your nose pierced, but have been afraid of the pain that the piercing needle is going to cause? There is hope for those of us that want a nice shiny nose ring but have a fear of pain. There are a couple ways that you could reduce the pain of getting your nose pierced.

One option would be to freeze your nose with ice cubes. Make sure to wrap the ice cubes in paper towel before applying it to your nose so you don't damage any nerve endings. You will need to hold the ice cube there for about 3-5 minutes. Each person will be different. Once numb, pierce your nose right away and the pain will certainly be reduced.

Another option that many choose is buying a local aesthetic called Emla cream. Emla can be bought in stores without a prescription from a doctor in most countries. Many people use this before getting piercings or tattoos if they are scared of the pain. The numbing lasts for about 30-60 minutes (again depending on the person). You will want to put the numbing cream onto the nose about 30-60 minutes before getting your nose pierced. Simply wipe off, disinfect and pierce your nose!

Of course you should always check with your doctor prior if you have any concerns with numbing any part of your body as there may be risks based on your own individual health conditions.

Once you've had your nose stud in for approximately 6 weeks you can change your nose stud to any of the nose jewelry options that we offer. If you have a friend or family member you trust to pierce your nose, or if you want to do it yourself... We also carry piercing kits available on our website. If you want to purchase a piercing kit, please follow the link:


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