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Piercing Your Own Nose


Piercing your own nose is becoming a more common practice these days. If you just can't wait until the piercing shop opens up in the morning because you want to wear your new nose stud, then this is the article for you.

Before you start the process of piercing your nose, as always... remember to sterilize the area around you as well as anything that you will be using to pierce your nose. The last thing you want after you put that beauitful nose stud in for the first time, is an infection to follow!

Take a pen, and in front of a mirror mark the spot where you want your nose stud to be. (Make you sure you wash your face with cleanser before.) Put your latex gloves on, and be sure to rub some alcohol or other disinfectant on the piercing site before beginning.

Take your needle out of its package, and insert the cork in your nose. The cork is used to make sure that the needle doesn't go through and pierce the other side of the nostril. Take a deep breath, and insert the needle quickly into the skin. Once you feel it hit the cork (it may even stick into the cork) you can pull it out and insert your new nose stud that was provided to you with your piercing kit. Once finished, sterlize the nose again with alcohol or other aftercare product. Now you can enjoy your new nose stud!

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