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Which Side to Pierce


You've decided you want a nose stud, and your headed to get your nose pierced... But which side are you going to pierce? Different cultures and areas of the world have different views of this subject, but ultimately it comes down to a personal preference. Your nose stud is going to be gorgeous on either side of your nose, just what looks better. Some people use a nose stud to cover up a blemish, freckle etc on their nose so this might be a deciding factor.

 Nose studs became popular in the Indian culture in the 16th century, and even in India in the 20th century, there still seems to be some debate as to which side you should wear your nose stud. In the north, they seem to prefer the left side of the nose. And in the south prefer to wear their nose stud on the right side. But of course, there are always exceptions!


If you're not sure, we suggest getting a fake nose ring that is spring loaded so you can adjust the size. Or, a fake magnetic nose stud. Wear this, for a couple of hours on each side and see which you prefer!


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