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Piercing guns are most commonly used in a retail setting, to perform ear piercings. However, many retail stores are now piercing noses using this method as well. The earring is inserted into the piercing gun, and is used to pierce the desired area. There is no use of needles in this method of piercing. Piercing with a gun can cause trauma to the piercing site as the stud that is used to pierce your skin, is normally dull, and is pierced through with a lot of force, which in turn could shatter surrounding tissue. When using a piercing gun, most piercers will advise that you have to leave the stud in for 6-8 weeks before inserting a quality nose screw. This method is normally not the most fashionable when using it for piercing the nose, as earrings are normally quite a lot larger and you will have to stick with this stud until your nose is fully healed before inserting a nose screw designed for nose piercings. The piercing gun method is known to be a lot more painful when piercing the nose compared to a regular needle as well, because it uses such blunt force. So if you're looking to pierce your nose and have a dainty, fashionable nose stud right away, you will want to opt for another piercing method instead to take advantage of the wide nose jewelry selections available to you.

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