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Will Your Piercing Grow Over?


There may come a time where you may need to take your nose ring out, whether it be temporary, or permanent. After you take out your nose ring, there is a chance your piercing will grow over very quickly. After getting a nose piercing, it usually takes 3 months to heal completely, however some people's peircings never heal. Therefore, it depends on the individual how long it takes the hole to grow over. If you are only needing to take out the nose ring temporarily, or for a few hours...you may be able to push the nose ring back through your piercing. Keep in mind, this may make the area around your nose ring very tender for a few days if you have to force it back through. Make sure the area around your nose ring and also the nose ring itself is very clean before doing this to prevent infection.

If you don't want to go through the pain of reinserting your nose ring and taking the chance of it growing over, we suggest getting a nose retainer. Our nose retainers come in the form of nose screws, straight nose studs, or nose bones. This allows you to still keep the piercing occupied so it doesn't grow over, but it will allow your nose jewelry to be invisible.

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