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  1. Keloids


    If you start to notice a lump forming on your skin by your nose ring, this may be a sign of infection. Or, could be something called a Keloid.  A Keloid is a lump or growth of excess scar tissue.  You can get a Keloid by trauma to an area of your skin, such as getting a piercing, but could also be caused by other things as well, such as an injury or wound.

    Keloids are normally pink or red in color and are normally not medically harmful.  However, we do recommend seeing a doctor.  If your bump is bleeding or secreting liquid than it is not the sign of a keloid, rather the sign of an infection.  Keloids have no liquid, only scar tissue.

    If you are prone to getting Keloids and have in the past, it is not recommended that you pierce your body as your chances of another Keloid forming are quite high.


  2. If you are planning on getting your ear cartilage pierced or have already done so, the healing time is between 3-12 months. Just like other piercings, the healing time does vary with each individual. It is always best to keep your original stud in long enough for piercing site to be completely healed. If you change your ear cartilage jewelry before your ear is healed, it may lead to infection. If you experience any pain, discharge, or redness around your piercing this could mean you have an infection. Be sure not to touch a new piercing with unwashed hands, and try to clean your ear cartilage piercing daily with a saline solution, or antibacterial soap.

    Nose Bleeds and Nose Piercings


    Many people around the world experience nose bleeds, however this is not normally a reason to stop from getting your nose pierced. Of course, seek medical advice if you are worried. We have found from speaking with customers that in most cases if you do have a nose bleed, this will not infect the area around your nose ring as long as you clean it immediately after. Using products such as H20cean or a saline solution will help clean the area around your nose ring and prevent any infection from occurring. To clean the area around your nose ring without taking your nose ring out, its best to use a Q-Tip.

    Some customers who regularly have nose bleeds tell us that it did irritate their piercing when their piercing was still in the 'healing stage' but once healed, there was no irritation to the area surrounding the nose ring.

  4. Granuloma Information

    Granulomas are a common problem with nose piercings, but can easily be avoided if proper care is used.  If you are more prone to infections, make sure you purchase a quality nose ring or any other type of nose jewelry.  If you have had previous infections with certain metals with other piercings you've had (ex: an ear piercing), chances are your nose piercing will have a similar reaction.

    Granuloma is a growth of tissue that will be located right on the edge of your nose piercing, beside your nose ring usually.  It will begin by swelling and will become red.  When you squeeze a granuloma it can cause it to bleed and pus.  This growth is not harmful, but can look very unpleasing.

    Many people have found that changing to a different type of metal (IE: using surgical steel, instead of silver) helps to reduce the granuloma.  If you are taking proper care of the area, and avoiding touching it, then it should not take long to heal. You can also use a pure vitamin e-oil to help with the healing time.

  5. H20cean Sea Salt Piercing Aftercare Spray


    H20cean Spray is a great product that you can use to ensure you are taking proper care of your nose piercing.  The ingredients of this product are natural to your body.  Ingredients include; purified water, sea salt, lysozyme, & sodium benzoate.  In addition to the natural ingredients, it contains more than 82 essential trace elements and minerals to assist in keeping your skin healthy.

    In order to be able to wear the fashionable nose pins you hoped to wear at the time of your piercing, you need to take great care of the area to avoid infections and any chance of the nose pin being rejected.

    H20cean spray will help to heal your piercing by keeping the area clean, removing discharge, and lymph secretions.  For the best results spray the solution directly onto the nose pin and surrounding area.  When the area is healed, and you are ready to change your nose pin it is also a good idea to spray the nose pin before inserting it into the nostril.  This will help ensure the nose pin is sterile, and also makes it easier to push through.

    H20cean can be found online at www.H20cean.com, or at a local piercing shop.

  6. Nose Piercing aftercare is extremely important to ensure complete healing of the piercing.  If proper care is given the nose piercing should take approx 8-10 weeks for healing. 

    Clean the nose piercing daily with either a saline or sea salt solution.  Allow yourself 3-5 minutes to be sure the piercing is thoroughly cleaned. First wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.  Soak a cotton ball in the solution and then place it over the piercing for approx 3 minutes.  Be sure than any crusting is removed from the jewelry.  Once all crusting has been carefully removed from the nose jewelry you can turn it gently in the piercing.  Use pure vitamin e oil as a lubricant which will not only help with the healing process but will also help avoid the granulomas which are small lumps that often appear from a nose piercing.  The most common reason for infection is touching the jewelry or piercing when your hands have not been washed properly. It is quite common for people with new piercing to want to touch them or play with them.  Try your very best to avoid touching it what so ever unless you are cleaning it and it should heal nicely.  Also be aware not allow your cleansers or facial lotion to irritate your piercing.  Be sure not to remove the jewelry or replace it with a different nose ring until it has completely healed. 

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