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Nose Piercing aftercare is extremely important to ensure complete healing of the piercing.  If proper care is given the nose piercing should take approx 8-10 weeks for healing. 

Clean the nose piercing daily with either a saline or sea salt solution.  Allow yourself 3-5 minutes to be sure the piercing is thoroughly cleaned. First wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.  Soak a cotton ball in the solution and then place it over the piercing for approx 3 minutes.  Be sure than any crusting is removed from the jewelry.  Once all crusting has been carefully removed from the nose jewelry you can turn it gently in the piercing.  Use pure vitamin e oil as a lubricant which will not only help with the healing process but will also help avoid the granulomas which are small lumps that often appear from a nose piercing.  The most common reason for infection is touching the jewelry or piercing when your hands have not been washed properly. It is quite common for people with new piercing to want to touch them or play with them.  Try your very best to avoid touching it what so ever unless you are cleaning it and it should heal nicely.  Also be aware not allow your cleansers or facial lotion to irritate your piercing.  Be sure not to remove the jewelry or replace it with a different nose ring until it has completely healed. 


  1. Jen on August 6, 2009 at 8:22 PM said:

    Which is a better metal for infection prone nose piercings - titanium or 14k gold?

    Reply- Platinum would be the best, Gold, Titanium and bioflex can also work for many. It is best to try different styles to see whats best for you. But never stick with one that is causing infection or allergic reaction.


  2. CHRISTINA FEEKS on October 19, 2009 at 9:51 PM said:
  3. Shari Roberts on April 6, 2011 at 10:59 AM said:

    I know that it takes 8-10 weeks to heal but would it be possible to switch to a smaller stud within a 4 week period?

    Answer: A lot of our customers (especially ones who have been pierced with an earring piercing gun) change their stud within the first month of having it.  This does increase the chance of your piercing site becoming infected and tender.  We'd recommend checking in with your piercing shop, if you haven't already been pierced, maybe they can set you up with a smaller nose stud during the healing time.
    Goodluck! :)

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