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These beautiful flower nose studs feature iridescent gemstones that change colors as the light hits the stone.  The aurora colored flowers are available currently in Aurora AB, Pink Aurora AB, Blue Aurora AB, and Purple Aurora Ab.  the beauty of these nose studs could not be captured with digital photography they are simply gorgeous. 

14KT White Gold Nose Bone featuring a beautiful 4.5mm Flower design with aurora gemstones.  These are available in 18G, 20G and 22G.

14KT White Gold nose stud available in your choice of style: right nose screw, left nose screw, straight nose stud or L Bend (L shape nose stud.) including the nose bone style with ball on the end.  These are 4.5mm in size and have pink aurora gemstones. Also available in 22G, 20G and 18G sizes.

14KT Yellow Gold nose bone with beautiful sparkling blue aurora gemstones.  The flower measures 4.5mm. Available in 18G, 20G, and 22G.

14KT White Gold Nose Stud with purple aurora flower design, available in 18G, 20G, and 22G.
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