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If you are like us, and like the look of gemstones that don't have prongs or metal surrounding it we carry glued in gems that provide this look. 
With glued in gems you need to be aware that at some point in time the glue will loosen and your gemstone will fall out.  To prolong the inevitable we recommend putting a clear coat of nail polish over these types of gemstones that are only glued in.  The nail polish will hold the gemstones in longer.  You will want to try to avoid humid areas such as a hot shower while wearing your glued in gemstone as well.  The heat will work to loosen the glue under the gemstone.  Of course, if the gemstone on your nose jewelry falls out you can glue it back in yourself.  Otherwise some of our nose jewelry styles come in a 20 pack at a very low cost so you may want to order in bulk. :) 
For those customers that want a long lasting piece of nose jewelry we recommend a 14KT White or Yellow Gold Nose Stud with a prong setting to hold the gemstone in place.  These studs will last for years to come!
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