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Why Prong Settings Are Better Than Bezel Settings


A bezel setting is where the diamond nose stud is surrounded by metal, such as Surgical Steel.  Whereas, a Prong setting is where there are 3 or 4 claws that come up and surround the diamond.  You can still see the bottom of the diamond in a prong setting nose stud, with the bezels you aren’t able to.

The main reason why a prong setting for your diamond nose stud is the best choice is very simple.  Diamonds and other gemstones such as Cubic Zirconia(CZ), Swarovski all have a brilliant shine when you first purchase them.  They sparkle, glitter and shine! 

However, Diamonds and gemstones are still prone to getting dirty and dull-looking.   With a prong setting it is MUCH easier to clean your diamond or gemstone as you still have access to the bottom of the gem to clean it.

Because the bezel settings hug the gemstone and cover the bottom of the gem it is very difficult to clean.  Makeup, Cleanser, moisturizers etc can get stuck under the gem and give a dull look to your gem.

The following links provide you an example of a bezel setting:


And also a prong setting:


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