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Keeping Your Fake Jewelry Looking Its Best

  If you don’t yet have your nose pierced and have opted to go for one of our Fake Nose Jewelry pieces, here are a few tips to keep your jewelry looking like new.

1)      Before wearing perfume/cologne or any type of body spray – remove your jewelry.

2)      Wearing your jewelry in a hot tub, or pool is a prime location for your jewelry to start discolouring.

3)      Remove your jewelry before you have a shower.

4)      If you are cleaning the house and using chemicals, make sure you don’t scratch or touch your piercing site.  Your safest bet would be to remove your jewelry.

5)      The air around us has a lot of pollution, when you aren’t wearing your jewelry be sure to keep it in a jewelry box, or a safe place where it isn’t exposed.

6)      You may be surprised to learn that sweat can cause jewelry to become discoloured as well.  If you are into sports you may want to remove your stud before you start.  (Especially if there is a change of someone or something coming in contact with your fake jewelry as that could end up hurting depending on the type of jewelry.)

7)      You can wash your jewelry regularly with a mild soap and luke warm water which will help to keep it looking its best as well!

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