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Cleaning A Cubic Zirconia (CZ) GemStone

You've just bought a new sparkling nose ring, it has a beautiful Cubic Zirconia Gemstone... You are certainly encouraged to clean your nose ring upon arrival, but also we encourage you to KEEP cleaning your nose ring in order to ensure the same sparkling diamond-like effect that you first experienced when you opened your well packaged nose ring.

Even if you don't often touch your nose ring, things such as hairspray, perfume, make up, cleansers, lotions etc can dull the shine of your nose ring. This is the case with all gemstones, not just cubic zirconias.

Cleaning your nose ring regularly will help to prolong that sparkle, and will also help your piercing stay healthy and not become infected!

You don't necessarily need fancy nose jewelry cleaning solutions in order to keep your nose ring clean. Simply use a soft bristled tooth brush and with warm water gently brush every angle and corner of your gem. A lot of our customers use rubbing alcohol to disinfect their nose jewelry as well.  

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