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History of Nose Rings in India


Nose rings originated in the Middle East, and were first introduced during the Mogul period in the 16th century in India. Research shows that there is no evidence of India ever having nose rings before the 16th century.

When nose rings were first introduced in India, they were actually not nose rings at all, they were often flowers attached to a screw that were inserted into the nostril.

Now as the nose jewlery industry has evolved, we have many options for nostril piercings, or septum piercings. The most common nose jewels used in India today, is dependment upon the type of piercing (septum, nostril, bridge.) However, they wear similar nose studs and nose rings as people wear in North Amercia.
Indian Culture is known for its elaborate fashion. This doesn't just stop at clothes! They also spice up their nose rings with chains and other jewels, some even attaching to their ear piercings, or their hair.

In the Indian culture nose rings are worn by hindu, as well as muslim women. Piercings in India, are one way Hindus honour Parvathi, the goddess of marriage. In the earlier years, having a nose stud in India was largely associated with marriage. However more younger women are getting their noses pierced and the association with marriage isn't as strong.

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