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One of the most important parts of choosing a nose stud is determining the thickness of the post so that it fits perfectly in your nose!





Many people also adapt their peircings. This refers to the practice of stretching the nose piercing to the next size gauge. Or even going to a smaller gauge. We recommend that you only go up or down by 1 gauge at a time to avoid discomfort and possible infection, and also to avoid the nose stud from falling out if you are going to larger gauge.


  1. Sasha on December 5, 2011 at 11:50 AM said:

    I recently got my nose pierced (1month) I have a starter screw ring which is a 16G-1.2mm, however it sinks in my nose, which Gauge/Size would you suggest I get? Kindly advise..Many thanks

    Hello Sasha - 
    I would recommend going to an 18G, the 1.2mm is quite large if you have a 1.5mm gemstone or something small it would be much easier for the gemstone to sink into your nose. Your post length also might be too small which is pulling on the gemstone causing it to sink.

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