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10K, 14K, 18K, 24K GOLD 


Have you ever wondered what karat to buy when purchasing a piece of gold nose jewelry? This blog will help explain some of the differences between the karats that Quality Nose Studs offers to our customers.


To start, a karat refers to the unit of purity. There are 24 parts in total to make up the Karat. Therefore, 24K gold is 100% pure. The more pure the gold, the softer it is. Most jewelry manufacturers do not use 100% pure gold as it is too soft. The manufacturers will use other types of metals to make the nose ring, or other jewelry.


The most common metals that are used with gold to make your jewelry are; nickel, zinc, silver, palladium, platinum, and copper.


24K Gold

100% Pure

18K Gold

75% Pure

14K Gold

58.3% Pure

10K Gold

41.6% Pure


Please visit our homepage to view the categories of gold nose jewelry that we have to offer, we are confident you will find the perfect stud!


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