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How To Remove A Nose Ring


First things first: wash your hands and clean the piercing area to avoid any germs getting into the piercing and causing an infection. If you have a hoop nose ring, you will want to open up the ring to remove it. Slowly and gently pull the end of the nose ring from the tubular part of the nose ring. Once again, be careful not to pull to hard or you may damage the nose ring.

If you have purchased a screw nose ring or a ball tipped nose ring, the process is a bit different for removal. If you have a screw nose ring you will need to twist the ring away from your face in order to remove it. (Opposite when inserting it... you would twist towards your face)If you have a ball tipped nose ring, you will obviously want to unscrew the ball first, and rotate it gently until it comes out.

If you are looking for more help with removing your nose ring, YouTube has a great selection of tutorial videos, not affiliated with Quality Nose Studs but great as a reference!

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