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How To Remove a Nose Bone


Just like when you are going to insert your nose bone, make sure to wash your hands and disinfect the piercing site to again ensure no germs will come in contact with the nose bone you are removing (and the new nose jewelry you are putting in.)

 When removing your nose bone, pull from the stone or diamond straight out of your nostril. You may have to wiggle the nose bone back and forth to get it through the piercing, as the ball at the end of your nose bone could be larger than the piercing itself. (In most cases, the nose piercing will adjust to the size of your piercing, and could make it difficult to remove your nose bone.)

If you are having trouble removing the nose bone, try rubbing vitamin e oil on both sides of the nose bone (inside nostril, and out) and try again. If you are still encountering problems please see a doctor or a piercing shop to help you.

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