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Applying A Nose Backing

You can apply a backing to almost all of your nose jewelry.  Applying the backing, otherwise known as an O ring, can sometimes be difficult... Make sure you are in an area where you can easily find the O ring should it fall.

Once you have the nose stud or other nose jewelry inserted, turn your nose stud so the post is pointed towards the opening of your nostril.

With one hand, lay the O ring flat on your index finger.  (If you have your right nostril pierced, use your left hand... and vice versa.)

Use the opposite hand to hold the nose stud in place with your index finger by placing it over your nose jewel.  With the same hand, use your thumb to lift the edge of your nostril up which will reveal your nose stud post.  Once your finger is in place, hold your index finger with the Oring up to the post of your nose stud.  Aim the post right in the middle of the O ring, and push the O ring on.

Once your O ring is on your post, go ahead and twist the nose stud back into place so the post is no longer showing.


  1. Jen on December 2, 2011 at 7:37 AM said:

    What if we accidentally breathe it in or something? Does that ever happen? Is it easy to remove? Thanks..

    Hi Jen, great questions... The material is similar to rubber so not something that would easily come off the post for you to breathe in but is easy to remove with your fingers of course :). We've been selling for over 6 years and haven't heard of someone yet who has inhaled a backing.

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