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How To Insert A Nose Bone

Before you insert your nose bone, make sure to wash your hands - and disinfect the piercing area to ensure no germs will come in contact with the nose bone or your piercing site.  Without cleaning the nose bone or your hands, you have a much higher chance of your nose piercing becoming infected.

To lower the chance of germs being transfered to your nose bone, make sure to hold the diamond, or stone of the nose bone instead of the rod when inserting the nose bone.  Place the end of the bone over your piercing, and slide the nose bone in. 

It is best to wear a nose bone after your piercing has completely healed.  The nose bones have balls at the end to hold the nose piercing securely in place.  You can use an Oring backing for a nose bone, however the ball at the end does save it from falling out.

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