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How To Insert A Nose Ring

Clean the area where you will be inserting the nose ring first with saline solution or other care products. Depending on the type of nose ring you have purchased will determine if you need to prepare the nose ring or not.

If you have purchased a hoop nose ring open up the nose ring by pulling the end of the nose ring gently from the tubular part of the nose ring. Be careful not to pull to hard or else you may damage the ring.

If you have purchased a screw nose ring or ball tipped nose ring you will not need to prepare it before inserting it.

Place the nose ring end in your piercing and by holding the other end with your thumb and index finger push it through the piercing. If you have a screw nose ring you will need to twist it towards your face in order to insert it.

Once the nose ring has been inserted, if using a hoop ring you then will want to close it by inserting the nose ring end into the tubular end gently. If using a screw nose ring or one with a ball you can adjust it by turning the nose ring so the metal is inside and isn't showing.

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