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Surgical Steel, or Anodised Surgical Steel?

Surgical steel is the material used when you first get your nose pierced.  Nose screws made of surgical steel are great options for those that are allergic to other metals, or develop reactions easily.  If you are new to having your nose pierced, a surgical steel nose screw, nose ring, or nose stud would be a great option when buying your first piece. 

Whether to go with surgical steel or Anodized Surgical steel is a personal preference.  Anodised simply means that the metal is coated with a protective film that allows the nose screw to be coloured.  In this case, the nose screw is black: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/product/NS251.

Your regular surgical steel nose screw as shown here: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/product/NS256 is silver.  Both options are great, and none is better than the other - it is only a matter of what you want your nose screw to look like. :)

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