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Bioflex Plastic Nose Jewelry

Bioflex Plastic nose screws are growing more popular for those that find themselves continuously experiencing irritation with other metals.  And also for those that are seeking a nose screw that is comfortable and flexible!  The bioflex plastic nose screws are hypo-allergenic and are known to help heal infected piercing sites faster as it minimizes irritation.  Not only is this type of nose screw flexible and comfortable, but it is hygenic and really easy to clean.  You can adjust your nose screw by cutting it to the desired length.  The Bioflex nose screws are transparant, which allows full attention to whatever stone you have.  It is heat and cold resistant.  Your nose screw will not loose its shape in extreme weather conditions, and will not freeze or melt.
Quality Nose Studs offers bioflex nose screws, nose rings, and also nose jewelry backings!  Check out our selection today, and be on your way to a more comfortable nose piercing experience. :)

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