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Have ever been advised by your manager to take out your nose ring while working? And, Have you taken out the nose ring for an 8 hour shift, only to find when you went to put the nose ring back in... your piercing had almost grown over? Taking your nose ring out for many hours will lead to a painful experience trying to put the nose ring back in... Not Anymore!

A nose retainer is a great accessory for those times when you can't wear your nose ring. A nose retainer is clear and comes in all gauges. There are some retainers that come in different colours as well, however most people find the clear nose stud or nose screws are the best when trying to hide a piercing.

Quality Nose Studs offers both the nose screw and the nose stud retainers. We offer a bio flex type retainer, which makes it very easy to put in, and take out and is very comfortable. Also we have a mono filament type retainer made from dental grade acrylic. This type is virtually transparent and is the highest technology in nose screw retainers. This retainer style can also be cut to your desired length.

So give up the painful experience of putting the nose ring back in after many hours, but don't give up the piercing all together! Try a nose retainer today!

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