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Bridge Piercing

Located at the top of the nose, between the eyes.
This piercing does not impact the eyesight or cause any complications, however there is a high risk
of the piercing being rejected.  If the piercing rejects, or is removed there is also a very good chance
it will leave a scar.

Types of Jewelry most commonly used: A curved or straight barbell.

Nostril Piercing

The second most common piercing next to an ear piercing.  The nostril piercing can be done on either
side of the nose, or even both sides.  Both men and women have nostril piercings, however it is more
common in women.

Types of Jewelry most commonly used: Nose pin, nose ring, nose screw, nose bones, or nose stud.

Nasal Septum Piercing

Location of this piercing is on the wall that separates each nostril. Commonly referred to as the bull ring.
In most cases the cartilage is not pierced, but rather the small gap between the bottom of the nose and
the cartilage.

Types of Jewelry most commonly used: Circular barbells, captive bead rings, septum retainer, septum rings.

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