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  1. We are excited to announce the launch of our new navel rings. This particular one has a beautiful 7-stone design. 

  2. These dainty sterling silver hoops have a 1.5mm faux opal hoop and are available in your choice of color. 

  3. We have added new colors to our 925 Sterling Silver, 3 stone hoop. 

  4. Warmer weather is coming. Check out our beautiful collection of toe rings! 

  5. Newest to our surgical steel collection is a beautiful 2mm illuminating stone, available in your choice of style and color. 

  6. We have a beautiful array of colored diamonds available in your choice of gold. 

  7. We have a large selection of Christmas studs and hoops. 

  8. This is our biggest sales event of the year...with hundreds of items discounted...starting at .99 cents. 
  9. New to our septum clicker collection is this stunning heart shaped hoop, in your choice of size and side. 

  10. We are excited to introduce our 1.5mm bezel set Sterling Silver collection. Available in your choice of color, these 22G nostril screws are a great addition to your collection. 

  11. This versatile hoop can be worn in various piercings. Available in your choice of gauge, color and size. 

  12. These 14K Rose Gold nose studs are stunning. Available in your choice of size, style and stone color, there is something for everyone! 

  13. These push pin titanium labret studs are available in a variety of sizes and colors. 

  14. We are excited to announce our new collection of 18KT White Gold plated over 925 Sterling Silver nose screws. Also available in Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. 

  15. We have a large selection of labret studs on sale. 

  16. Magnetic earrings available in your choice of color. These magnetic earring studs have high quality strong magnets.  The design measures 5mm with shiny crystal gemstones.  You will receive one pair of earrings with the purchase of this listing.  

  17. Get in the summer spirit with this fun Sterling Silver pineapple nose stud. Available in your choice of color and style. 

  18. These gorgeous ear vines are versatile and are a great additon to any wardrobe. Available in 925 Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated. 

  19. We are excited to introduce our labret studs availabe in White, Yellow or Rose Gold in your choice of size and diamond clarity. 

  20. Check out our new collection of nose huggers. 

  21. This solid white gold labret/monroe style nose stud features a dazzling 5mm flower design with 7 sparkly genuine diamonds that measure approximately 1.5mm each.  The beauty of this stud could not be captured with digital photography, it is simply stunning!

  22. This beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Lovelia ring features a hollow heart design and is available in your choice of size. 

  23. This labret design features a skin tone disc insert that screws into a flat back post that is made of 316L Surgical Steel. The inserts are available in 4 colors to best suit your skin tone. Great for disguising your piercing. Available in your choice of post length and gauge. 

  24. 316L Surgical Steel hinged clicker hoops now available in 18G and 20G and available in your choice of size and color. 

  25. This unique pineapple nose stud is perfect for spring and summer. Available in your choice of color and style. 

  26. 9/32" (7mm) hoops are now available in our yellow, white and rose gold collection. 
  27. We are excited to release our newest collection of captive bead hoops. Made from 316L Surgical Steel, the hoops are available in a variety of gauge and diameters and the captive beads are avialable in many different designs. 

  28. Titanium captive bead hoops available in your choice of color, size and gauge. Versatile and can be worn in many different piercings. 

  29. We have a new collection of sterling silver fake septum hoops available in your choice of silver or gold plated. Get the look you love without the commitment. 

  30. 4 pack of 316L Surgical Steel nose screws with a 2mm faux opal stones, available in blue, white, green and pink. 

  31. This stunning 18K White Gold nose stud has a 2mm faux opal stone and is avaialble in your choice of color and style. 

  32. This beautiful 925 Sterling Silver fake clip-on ear cuff has a 2 stone design and is available in your choice of color. 

  33. This 316L Surgical Steel flower stud can be worn in various piercings including the ear cartilage, tragus or helix. 

  34. We are excited to announce the arrival of our ear cartilage studs. These can be used in various piercings, including the ear cartilage, tragus, helix and lobe. 

  35. Check out the newest additions to our sterling silver collection! 

  36. We are excited to announce our genuine blue diamond. Availailble in your choice of gold setting, style and gauge, this stud is sure to turn heads. 

  37. This gorgeous 18KT Yellow Gold septum clicker has a hinged designed for easy use. Available in 16G with a 5/16" diameter, it comes in a solid or cz design. 

  38. We have a new collection of earrings. Made from 925 Sterling Silver, these earrings have high quality cubic zirconia stones and are sure to dazzle. 

  39. This beautiful 14KT White Gold nose stud has a leaf design and is available in your choice of style. 

  40. We have a HUGE selection of Blow Out items. From nose studs to earrings to navel rings and much more, there is something for everyone. Check it out at https://www.storesonlinepro.com/store/1923542/page/blow-out-sale-nose-rings
  41. We have a fabulous collection of rose gold studs. Available in your choice of size, gauge and style, there is something for everyone. 

  42. 316L Surgical Steel nose bones with a flower design, available in your choice of color.

  43. Introducing our new collection of Titanium Anodized 316L Surgical Steel seamless hoops. These continuous hoops are annealed, which makes the hoop easier to insert as it's easily bendable. Available in your choice of color, size and gauge. 

  44. Check out our new selection of septum clickers. There is something for everyone!

  45. Here, you can make a nose stud custom to your liking. Choose from our large selection of  gold, gauge, style, stone size and stone color; we have something for everyone. Visit http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/custom-nose-rings 

  46. This blowout 316L Surgical Steel Ear Cartilage piece has a star cluster design that measures 8.5mmX14.5mm.  This item is sold individually in your choice of a left or right piercing. Available in clear or aqua. 

  47. These unique navel rings have a 3 stone design and are available in your choice of color for a unique look that will make a standout addition to your collection. 

  48. We are excited to announce that we now have 20G & 22G clear and flesh colored bioflex retainer nose screws available. If you are needing to make your piercing less noticeable, this stud is for you. 

  49. Get the look without the commitment with these faux nose hugger rings. Designed for maximum comfort and ease of wear and available in several different styles and colors. 

  50. We are excited to lauch our new selection of nose huggers. Available in sterling silver and surgical steel, there will be something for everyone. Stay tuned for our lauch next week!
  51. This nose screw is virtially transparent and is the highest technology in nose screw retainers, keeping your piercing open without being noticed. 

  52. We have a HUGE selection of Blow Out items. From nose studs to earrings to navel rings and much more, there is something for everyone. Check it out at https://www.storesonlinepro.com/store/1923542/page/blow-out-sale-nose-rings
  53. This 20G 316L Surgical Steel nose stud has a beautiful 1.3mm genuine diamond and is available in your choice of style. 

  54. Check out our newest addition of 316L Surgical Steel Earrings, available in your choice of color. 

  55. Check out our **BLOW OUT SALE** for a great selection of Rose Gold PVD Coated 316L Surgical Steel LBend nose huggers. 

  56. A beautiful selection of Fire Opal, 316L Surgical Steel Navel Belly Rings, available in your choice of color. 

  57. Dazzling diamond nose studs avaialble in your choice of metal type and gauge as well as diamond clarity and size. 

  58. These unique ear lobe rings are made of 316L Surgical Steel and can be worn on any part of the ear lobe. They are sold individually and available in your choice of color. 

  59. This beautiful 14KT Gold Toe ring with high quality cubic zirconia stones is the perfect choice for summer! 

  60. This cute stud is made of 925 Sterling Silver and has a 2mm or 2.5mm opal gemstone in your choice of color. Available in a bezel or prong setting.

  61. This unique loop cartilage earring is sold individually and made of 316L Surgical Steel with high quality detachable Ultraviolet Coated Acrylic Balls and are availale in your choice of color. 

  62. Get ready for summer with our large selection of toe rings. Available in white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. 

  63. This surgical steel style push pin nose stud comes in your choice of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm or 4mm Swarovski gemstone. This nose stud has a smaller base than labret jewelry and is perfect for nose and cartilage piercings. Available in three different post lengths and gauges.

  64. 316L Titanium Plated Nose Ring featuring 2 captive beads on either end of the posts, this horseshoe nose ring can be used in various other piercings as well. Each ball measures 3mm and available in a large selection of fun colors.

  65. Beautiful Rose Gold PVD Coated 316L Surgical Steel continuous nose ring hoop available in your choice of size. 

  66. Beautiful 316L Surgical Steel septum clickers with high quality cubic zirconia gemstones. 

  67. 316L Surgical Steel labret style nose stud.  The post is screw style threaded post with a flat back measuring 2.5mm.

  68. These beautiful blue beaded fake clip-on septum rings are available in your choice of color.

  69. These plated Sterling Silver nose ring hoops are avaiable in fun colors.  The hoop measures slightly larger than 1/4". Exact measurement is 7mm inner diameter.

  70. These cute 316L Surgical Steel Nose Screw with a 4mm heart design are a great addition to your nose ring collection. Highly recommended for those who have new piercings or experience reactions to other metals.

  71. These beautiful 3mm CZ heart nose studs would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you or someone you love. You can choose your gauge, color and style that suits you best. 

  72. Beautiful star nose rings in either 14kt white or yellow gold. You can choose your gauge, color and style that suits you best. 

    These nose rings can be found here: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/star
  73. Check out these maternity navel rings.  Perfect for your growing belly.  The bioflex material is comfortable and flexes with you as you grow.  After you have baby, the bioflex post of the navel ring can be cut to a shorter length as needed.

    All of these styles and more can be found in our navel ring section here: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/navel-belly-rings
  74. These top down belly rings are great for your summer wardrobe!  Check out the styles we have below 


    heart navel rings, top down barbells. 

    Surgical steel top down belly rings with star designs


  75. These new nose rings are available in 16G and are segment nose rings.  Each nose ring has a small piece as shown in the photo that is able to be removed from the nose ring for inserting and then closed for a closed, continuous look. Segment Ring is available in your choice of color and each measures 5/16".

  76. One of the latest trends in the fashion and jewelry industry has been mustaches!  We have listened to your requests and are happy to be introducing these unique septum rings with the mustache design in both silver and black.  These septum nose rings are 16 Gauge in thickness in the middle (thinner towards the outside) and the mustache septum nose ring measures 39.5mm wide.  You can click on the pictures below which will take you right to the listings for these nose rings.

  77. We heard your request for more ear cartilage jewelry, specifically those cartilage studs sold in packs and have brought in some more value packs of 3 helix studs.  These are great for triple forward helix piercings.  They come with a 5mm, 3.5mm, and 2.5mm Cubic Zirconia gemstone and in your choice of color.  We now carry them in a 3 prong setting, a heart and a star! 

    Purple Helix Stud

    Clear Star Helix Stud

    Aqua Helix Stud

  78. This beautiful genuine diamond nose ring features a 2mm princess cut genuine diamond.  The color of this diamond nose ring is EF and the clarity is VVS.  This nose screw is so stunning and the photo does not do the nose screw justice, it's absolutely beautiful.
  79. We are really excited to introduce our new 20G labret style nose studs.  These studs are made of 316L Surgical steel and are specially designed nose stud featuring a smaller disc on the end of the post compared to most labret style studs.  These are push-pin nose rings and feature pressfit gemstones in sizes from 1.5mm to 4mm.

  80. We have just listed several value nose ring packs. Each nose ring pack includes 5 nose bones and one nose ring.  The open nose hoop that is included in the nose ring packs measure 5/16"

    The nose bones have gemstones and designs that range from 1.5m to 2.5mm.  Click on the pictures below to go straight to their listing on our website. 

    If you have any questions or we can help you find the perfect nose ring please don't hesitate to click on the contact us link and send us a message, we'd be glad to help!

    5 Nose Bones, 4 cubic zirconia gemstone nose bones and one 2.5mm star nose bone. 5/16" nose ring included as well.

    Pink Nose Bones! Different shades of pink with a 5/16" open nose hoop.

    You will receive 5 nose bones with the purchase of this pack as well as a 5/16" open nose hoop.

    Blue Nose Rings!  You will receive the 5 nose rings as pictured as well as a 5/16" nose hoop.
  81. With the purchase of this new ear cartilage jewelry value pack, you will receive 3 ear cartilage studs.  All ear studs are 16 Gauge in post thickness, and made of 316L Surgical Steel.  Each ear cartilage jewelry piece has a shiny cubic zirconia gemstone.  The gemstone sizes in this value pack are 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm.
    The ear cartilage studs are available in Clear, Aurora, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Green, Red, and black. 

    Here is a sample of the clear and pink ear cartilage studs:

    For more colors please check out our ear cartilage section on our site: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/earcartilage-tragus-helix-body-jewelry
  82. These maternity navel rings are a MUST for those moms who want to keep their navel ring in throughout their pregnancy.  A pregnancy navel ring is made of a safe bioflex material and is nice and flexible which brings comfort while your baby grows :).  The maternity navel rings are long to give you extra room but can also be trimmed down after baby has arrived!

    To see our new styles along with other navel rings visit our navel ring section: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/navel-belly-rings

    Turtle Pregnancy Navel Ring

    Maternity Navel Ring - Baby On Board

    Maternity Belly Button Ring - Star Design

    Belly Button Ring Maternity - Feet Design

  83. These SUPER CUTE Niobium heart hoops are new to our body jewelry inventory, with an opening in the middle of the heart at the top these can be used in various different piercings.  Looks really great in a helix, tragus or daith piercing.

    We also have many other styles of ear cartilage jewelry in our cartilage section of our website - the link is: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/earcartilage-tragus-helix-body-jewelry
  84. Just in is a new industrial scaffold ear cartilage jewelry piece for your ear.  This design is to raise awareness for breast cancer and features the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. 
    For this one, and many other ear cartilage jewelry pieces, check out our ear cartilage section of our website: 

  85. C
    heck out our new twister captives, this unique style of captive can be worn in several body jewelry piercings.  Lots of colors to choose from, each captive bead is able to be removed from the twisted design.
  86. One of our really popular sellers is this nose ring made of Titanium.  This nose hoop is available in the colors shown in the photo, most recently we have added the high polished silver colored hoop.  The nose ring has an inner diameter of 5/16" and has a thickness of 1mm which is an 18G, one of the thicker nose hoop sizes.
    We have many other nose rings available on our website as well including seamless nose rings and others with captive beads.  To check out more styles of nose jewelry please visit this link: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/nose-rings

  87. We have recently launched a new Etsy Store that features all of our custom nose rings.  From gold nose rings with aurora gemstones to unique 10 stone designs we will have every style and color listed in our store "Just Nose Rings" 

    To see more custom designs such as the one below please visit our store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JustNoseRings

  88. Christina Aguilera made this diamond flower nose ring popular many years ago and it's still remains to be a very popular nose ring today.  If you don't have the money Christina Aguilera has but you're looking for a nose pin that is similar to this one, we have just the right thing for you! You can customize this flower nose ring in any style you need! Straight Nose Studs, Nose Bones, L Shaped nose rings, or nose screws.  The christina flower nose ring is available in all gauges that we carry, 22G, 20G and 18G and can be found through this link or by clicking on the photo below: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/flower

    We also carry these in a Genuine Diamond version which you will find here: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/geniunediamondnosejewelry
    On this page, you will see various nose jewelry styles with Genuine Diamonds.  One of our favorites is a flower nose screw that's available in a labret ring as well.  It has 6 dazzling Blue Genuine Diamonds with one sparkling white genuine diamond in the center.  A very unique nose ring that will make heads turn.

  89. We often hear that people would love to get their nose pierced however they are not allowed to wear nose rings at work.  Although nose rings are becoming more and more popular, many employers would rather not have their employee's piercings visible to their customers.

    We do have a great solution to those times where you don't want your nose ring to be on display, or times when metal is not allowed such as during an xray, surgery etc.

    Bioflex Nose Rings are the perfect solution to those times you want to have your nose ring hidden.  You can see all of our bioflex nose stud options here:

    Some examples of the nose stud retainer options we have available are listed below:

    Bioflex Monofilament Nose Screw in 20G or 18G:

    Bioflex Nose Screw in 20G or 18G:

    A Bioflex Straight Nose Stud in 20G or 18G:

    We have many more options available through our website as well at: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/noseretainers
    If you will be purchasing a nose retainer prior to a medical appointment, please double check with your medical advisors to ensure a bioflex nose ring would be suitable for your appointment.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at sales@qualitynosestuds.com

  90. Recently we introduced our Genuine Diamond dangle nose rings that feature 10 sparkling genuine diamonds.  These nose screws were such a hit that this week we are introducing our CZ gemstone version of this beautiful nose ring.  The new cz gemstone version still has the same great quality in either 14KT White Gold or 14KT Yellow Gold and is available in all styles and gauges.

    Below are some examples of the new indian inspired nose rings:

    If you have any questions about any of these nose rings or if you need help finding the perfect nose ring please don't hestitate to email us at sales@qualitynosestuds.com - We'd love to help!

  91. Blow Out Sale Items

    We've added some new items to our BLOW OUT SALE this weekend! Our Blow Out Sale includes all different styles of nose jewelry. L Bend Nose Studs, Straight Nose Studs, Nose Bones, Right Nostril Nose Screws, Left Nostril Nose Screws, and nose rings.

    The following items are ones that we have added this week:

    14KT Yellow Gold Nose Bone featuring a 3.5mm painted cherry design.  This nose bone is a 22 Gauge.



    316L Surgical Steel nose screw with a 2mm flat disc.  This stud is available in 18G and can be found here:



    We also have added a Mixed 3 Pack which includes 1 nose ring and 2 nose bones.  Great if you are looking to try different sizes and styles.

    They are all Surgical Steel and can be found here:



    Fake Navel Belly Button Ring with a peace sign design that dangles.  This navel ring is spring loaded for added comfort.



    Our complete list of items that are available in our Blow Out Section can be found by clicking on the link below:



    We Offer Toe Rings!


    Don't be fooled by our name, Quality Nose Studs also offers Quality Toe Rings! All of our toe rings have beautfiul swarovski gems, or stunning cubic zirconia diamonds. They are all 925 sterling silver and are all adjustable. Toe rings are becoming more popular, and are usually worn on the second toe of either foot. There is no symbolic meaning for wearing toe rings, but they sure do 'dress up your feet' and can be the perfect accessory for your summer outfit! Visit our toe ring section of our website today to view our selection.



  93. Ear Cuffs

    Ear cuffs are earrings that are made specifically for the upper part of your ear.  It is a great alternative for those who want the look of a piercing, without the pain!  You don't need to have your ears pierced in order to have an ear cuff, it fits snugly around your ear.  There are all different types of ear cuffs.  Many are very basic, which would consist of a curved metal band. Some also have gems or dangles.  The most common metal used in making ear cuffs is 925 sterling silver and gold.  There are other types of metals that are used as well but aren't as common such as titanium and copper.


    Blow Out Sales


    We currently have a section on our website dedicated to our inventory that is highly subsidized.

    Currently on this page you can find awesome sales on 316L surgical steel nose screws, swarovski gems, fake nose jewelry (magnetic), and also nose bones. Check back regularly as there may be more nose jewelry added in the near future!


    Fake Nose Jewelry 

    If you're on the edge trying to decide if you want to pierce your nostril or not, we have a great solution!


    Quality nose studs offers fake nose jewelry. If you want a nose stud that is temporary, or one that you can trick your family or friends with... Or a nose stud to help you decide if a nose piercing is right for you- then we have what you need!


    We have nose stud crystals that are magnetic and come in a package of 12. We also have nose ring hoops that are sterling silver, and also ones with stars.

    If you are looking for something a little more fancy, we also offer nose studs with a swarovski gem.


    Click on the following link to view our selection of fake nose jewelry;


  96. We Offer Earrings! 

    Quality Nose Studs specializes in nose jewelry however we also offer earrings of different shapes and sizes. Currently we are offering sterling silver earrings. The shape of our earrings include: square, star, round, and heartshaped. They are all earring studs, and the gems are offered in different colours of either 3mm or 4mm in size. To browse through our selection of sterling silver earrings, please select “Earrings” on the left hand side of our homepage or click the following link:




    An O ring is simply a backing that you put on the back of your nose stud or nose screw. An O ring is similar to the backing you would use with your earrings – it avoids the jewelry from falling out or moving around. An O ring is great if you are planning on adpating your nose piercing. (Changing the size of the gauge that you wear) Many times you may catch your nose screw on a towel or another article of clothing causing it to fall out... If this has ever happened to you – getting it back in is painful as the area is now very sensitive. If you have an O ring on your nose screw this can be avoided. You will never have to worry about losing your nose screw again! Quality Nose Studs offers nose jewelry backings which are now on sale, please visit:


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