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  1. We are SO excited to be launching these new ear cartilage pieces.  These are great for forward helix piercings or to wear in your triple piercing.
    They are designed to be small and petite, the ball measures 2.5mm and the gemstones measure from 1.5mm to 2.5mm in size.  The photo in the upper left hand corner shows the differences in size between the 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm sizes to help give you an idea on which ear cartilage stud would work best.  Please measure your piercing first to ensure that you are purchasing the write piece of jewelry for your ear cartilage.

  2. These 2 new ear cartilage pieces are just a sampling of the new designs that we have in this week.  Check out our New Arrivals section for more body jewelry.   Both ear cartilage pieces are made of Surgical Steel and both have  a cuff design.  The one earring stud goes in your lower ear lobe and the cuff is placed about half way up your ear lobe.  Both ear cartilage jewelry pieces are made for the left and right ear lobe. :)

  3. This is a Niobium Heart, such a cute ear cartilage piece that can be used in piercings such as a rook, tragus or helix.

    Made of 316L Surgical steel, these word ear cartilage pieces are unique and fun!

    To see more of our new ear cartilage studs please visit our ear cartilage page of our website: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/page/earcartilage-tragus-helix-body-jewelry
  4. We have added 2 new nose rings this week to our evergrowing nose jewelry inventory.  Both styles of nose rings are 18KT yellow gold plated and measure slightly smaller than a 3/8" nose hoop at 8.8mm. (Inner diameter of the nose hoop)

    One is a tribal design and is located here: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/indian-nose-ring-sale

    The other is a ball/tribal design located here: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/indian-gold-nose-ring

  5. If you are looking for high quality genuine diamond nose rings, we have the perfect options for you!  We have just introduced our new genuine diamond nose ring products that range from 1.5mm diamond nose rings to 3mm diamond nose rings.  Color: EFG and Clarity ranges from SI to VVS1-VVS2.
    To view the new nose rings please visit this link: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/diamond-nose-jewelry

  6. Just added to our ear cartilage ring inventory are these 316L Surgical Steel pieces listed below.  They are cute and fun for summer! Check out the new rings listed below and visit our Ear Cartilage section of our website to see more great earrings! http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/newarrivals

    316L Surgical Steel Double Earring.  One ear stud is meant to go on your lower lobe, and the other is for your ear cartilage or helix piercing.  This owl ear cartilage ring is so unique nad has soft green, blue and pink stones.

    316L Surgical Steel helix/ear cartilage rings featuring 6 stones available in either pink or clear.

    316L Surgical Steel Ear Cartilage Ring with a horseshoe design with your choice of pink or clear gemstones. 

    Fun new music note ear cartilage jewelry, these rings are 18G studs available in steel, black or rainbow.

    Next week we will be listing more nose rings that we will be adding to our inventory over the next few weeks. :)

  7. Brand New this month is a 2 stone design nose ring available in all different nose jewelry styles: Nose Bones, Nose Screws, L bend Nose Studs and Straight Nose Studs.  These nose rings feature 2 cubic zirconia gemstones side by side.   Below are a few examples of the new nose rings:

    Nose Screw:

    L Bend Nose Stud:

    Straight Nose Stud:

    Nose Bone:

    If you have any questions about any of these nose rings or if you need help finding the perfect nose ring please don't hestitate to email us at sales@qualitynosestuds.com - We'd love to help!
  8. Recently we introduced our Genuine Diamond dangle nose rings that feature 10 sparkling genuine diamonds.  These nose screws were such a hit that this week we are introducing our CZ gemstone version of this beautiful nose ring.  The new cz gemstone version still has the same great quality in either 14KT White Gold or 14KT Yellow Gold and is available in all styles and gauges.

    Below are some examples of the new indian inspired nose rings:

    If you have any questions about any of these nose rings or if you need help finding the perfect nose ring please don't hestitate to email us at sales@qualitynosestuds.com - We'd love to help!

  9. Over the past few weeks, we have been adding new nose ring packs to Qualitynosestuds.com.  We have packs of nose rings containing 2 nose jewelry styles, 3 nose jewelry styles, as well as packs of 6 and 9 nose rings.  All of the nose rings are made of either 925 Sterling Silver, or 316L Surgical Steel.  Some of the surgical steel nose rings are even anodised to make it colorful.

    Here are some examples of the nose rings, nose bones, and nose screws we have listed this week.  If you are interested in any of these packs please visit our New arrivals section of our website: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/newarrivals

  10. We have added several new nose rings to our nose hoop collection this month.  In addition we have made it easier to find the nose ring you are looking for by separating the white and yellow gold nose rings to their section.  
    If you are looking for 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" nose ring hoops you can find those through this link: http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/goldnoserings

  11. We have recently added some really cool slave earrings to our inventory.  All studs have an earring post that is made out of 316L Surgical Steel and the rest of the designs including chains are made of silver.

    Below you will see the links to some of the new arrivals :)

    Feather  Slave Earring:

    2 Stone Dangle Slave Earring:

    3 Chains (Silver, Black, Gold Plated) Slave Earring:

    Star Dangle Slave Earring:

    Aurora Star Slave Earring:

    Pearl Slave Earring Design:

    We will be adding more jewelry in the next few weeks including some indian style nose hoops, stay tuned :)

  12. Brand new this week is our 316L Surgical Steel Slave earring jewelry pieces.  These items are all sold as one piece.  They all have one earring post and one cuff that is meant to be worn at the top of the ear.  (You do not need to have your cartilage pierced in order to wear this design.)

    Check out the new items below and be sure to keep updated on our new arrivals section of our website for upcoming jewelry:http://www.qualitynosestuds.com/newarrivals

    Feather Slave Earring:


    Cross Slave Earring:


    Lightning Bolt Slave Earring:


    7mm CZ Dangle Slave Earring:


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